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Many commercial trucks on the road may have bad brakes

Taking good care of your vehicle is part of being a responsible driver. When it comes to safety on the road, the braking system is one of the most important. It allows drivers to slow or stop moving vehicles to prevent collisions. Properly maintaining the brakes is vital, especially when the weather is bad and results in slick road conditions.

One of the many risks of a shared, public roadway is that not everyone takes adequate care to maintain their vehicles. That includes a shockingly large number of commercial truck drivers. Unfortunately, truck drivers failing to maintain their brakes could create a serious hazard for everyone else on the roadways, leading to serious collisions.

Random testing showed 12 percent of trucks had bad brakes

When the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance did random inspections of the brakes of commercial vehicles in May of 2017, they found that 1,146 out of the 9,524 vehicles that they inspected had to be placed temporarily out-of-service due to brake issues.

Of all the vehicles tested, roughly 12 percent had brake issues that posed a serious safety hazard. This is a terrifying statistic. You probably drive next a truck with bad brakes more often that you imagine.

Commercial trucks already take longer than other vehicles to come to a complete stop. Many times, their drivers have no choice but to continue driving in even the worst weather conditions and heaviest traffic. If they also have brakes that may not work properly, that could directly contribute to a serious collision.

People in smaller vehicles that collide with commercial trucks often suffer severe injuries. It is essential that commercial trucks have adequately maintained brakes.

Poor brake maintenance could be a sign of negligence

Those who drive professionally take their lives and the lives of others into their hands every day. They are entrusted with the operation of massive vehicles that can cause catastrophic property damage and fatal injuries. Maintaining those vehicles is one of the best ways for commercial drivers and fleet owners to prevent potential collisions.

Improper maintenance can be a form of negligence, which could be reason to consider a lawsuit in the wake of a commercial truck accident. Trucking companies that habitually put off or delay brake repairs or drivers who knowingly drive on trucks with compromised brake systems may be responsible for the damages.

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