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Are you driving one of the most dangerous cars in America?

If you are like most people who drive in New York, you probably make it a point to take care of your car and be sure it receives all required maintenance. However, are you as concerned about its safety rating as you are about its performance? Furthermore, does your car fall on the list of America's deadliest?

There are various ways that research institutes measure vehicle safety. One way is to analyze the driver mortality rates of each type and class of vehicle. This probably does not come as a shock, but smaller cars tend to have the highest fatality rates.

In general, this is because these vehicles have small structures that cannot absorb the impact of a wreck. In other words, their frames cannot handle the impact from the force of a collision and will easily fold in on themselves, further injuring the driver and passengers. Hatchbacks and smaller sedans tend to lead the way in driver fatalities while larger luxury cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) have the lowest death rates.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), four-door mini-cars seem to be the most dangerous vehicles to drive with 87 deaths per one million registered min-icars. On the opposite end of the spectrum, four-wheel drive SUVs that fall into the large luxury category have only six deaths per one million.

If you become involved in a car accident with a reckless driver, the kind of car you drive could make a difference in the extent of your injuries. The smaller the vehicle, the less likely you are to walk away with treatable injuries. Unfortunately, no matter what size and type of car you drive, you could still become a car accident victim. If this happens, you might be able to file a claim and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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