The transition into spring is a wonderful time of year here in New York. The temperatures are rising and soon the trees and flowers will begin to bloom. With each passing day, we gain a little more sunlight and can begin to shed our layers of winter clothing. This winter has been long and cold, but as we near the end of March, it’s important to remember that spring has sprung!

As with any season, spring does present some hazards. When it is nicer outside, more people are getting out to parks, riding their bikes, walking their dogs, or simply going out for a drive. With more people on the roads and in public spaces, it opens up the opportunity for increased accidents or potential for injury. We’ve taken some time to compile a list of common springtime accidents so you can continue celebrating the start of spring — and protect yourself from injury.


There is nothing better than jumping on a bicycle for a ride around town or the park. As the temperature rises, so does the number of cyclists out on the road. While motorists need to remain conscious of the increased number of bikes on the road and respect their right to use the road, it is also important for cyclists to obey traffic laws. This means wearing reflective clothing, using appropriate hand signals, and following right-of-way laws.


Like their humans, dogs like warm weather! Spring is the perfect time for dog owners to get their pets outside to burn off extra energy — but it also leaves people susceptible to dog bites. As more and more owners leave their dogs outside in the warmer weather, it is best to practice caution around unfamiliar dogs and learn how to read their body language. Do not approach dogs that are walking on their own. If a dog is with its owner, it is best to ask if it is safe to pet the dog before making any sudden movements.


While snow and ice on sidewalks and pathways may certainly pose a slip-and-fall risk, these wintery elements also create a more level surface to walk on. As the snow thaws, it can expose uneven pavement, cracked sidewalks and walkways, which poses risks to pedestrians as foot traffic increases. If someone is injured on another person’s property due to these factors, a property owner may be liable.


Outdoor exercise is important for a child’s physical, mental, and emotional health, and playgrounds provide a fun place for kids to expend extra energy. While children are prone to minor bruises and scrapes, not all playground accidents are due to a child’s carelessness. The CDC estimates up to 200,000 children each year are injured and treated in emergency rooms for playground-related injuries. These injuries are due to improper playground construction, poor maintenance, and inadequate supervision.


The rumble of motorcycles in the spring is a sure sign that winter is in the rearview. As the number of bikers increases on the road, it is important for both motorists and motorcyclists to remain cautious and aware on the road. In addition to the lessened safety mechanisms on a motorcycle, road conditions can greatly increase the likelihood of an accident. For instance, ice and snow plows can cause existing cracks in the pavement to expand into full-blown potholes, which pose a risk to car drivers, and an even bigger hazard to motorcyclists. No matter what type of vehicle you are driving, remain aware of the conditions around you and how they can affect both you and others on the road.


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