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Recall for Peterbilt & Kenworth trucks

Recently, Paccar has issued a recall for over 1,700 Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks that have Cummins ISX15 engines. The reason for the recall is a possible problem in the fuel pump. The recall covers a range of Peterbilt trucks that came off the line between Dec. 20, 2016, and April 17, 2017. The Kenworth models that are affected were all 2018 models that were built between Jan. 9, 2017, and May 5, 2017.

Lawsuits can be multi-faceted

Many people are under the impression that when someone is killed in a tragic accident that it is simple to determine who was at fault and assign liability to that person or entity.

Seat belt use across the country varies significantly

At this point in automotive history, you might think that it is obvious that all drivers and passengers should wear a seat belt any time they get into a consumer vehicle. However, this is far from reality, at least according to research that indicates many areas of the country report significant portions of the driving population do not wear seat belts, or do not wear them consistently.

Points to consider about vehicle safety

The car you drive can have a big impact on how you fare when you are in a crash. Car manufacturers know that the American driver is more conscious than ever about vehicle safety ratings. Many have focused their engineering efforts over the years on improving safety, but many makes and models are still not as safe as they could be. Even if you aren't in the market for a new car, you can still use this information to help you learn about the possible hazards you face while you are driving.

Your insurance rates may rise after not-at-fault wrecks

If you are like many drivers in the greater New York City metro area, you may have gotten into a fender-bender caused by a negligent or inattentive driver. Maybe you brushed off some minor injuries because you didn't want to go through the hassle of filing a claim and medically documenting your injuries. You filed a claim against your collision damage policy but chalked up the injuries as just having a bad day.

Study highlights importance of proper child safety restraint use

Children dying in car crashes are horrible events that no family should ever have to deal with. There are many different factors that come into the picture for these accidents. One of these is the location of the crash. The northeastern portion of the United States has the lowest rate of child deaths from car crashes and the southern area has the highest rate.

Be mindful of your rights after a commercial truck accident

It won't be much longer before the holiday season is in full swing, accelerating into Thanksgiving and right through the new year. With this, of course, comes the confluence of more challenging weather and increased traffic congestion. This congestion owes in part to the increase in holiday travel, and to the increase in freight transport at the end of the year.

Certain engines in trucks recalled due to fuel pump issues

There are thousands of variables that can contribute to a serious car accident. Sometimes, there's inclement weather that makes driving more difficult. Other times, issues with infrastructure, like stop lights, can lead to traffic collisions. One driver choosing to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, exhausted or distracted could also contribute. A somewhat common but often overlooked contributing cause to crashes is mechanical failure.

Commercial truck inspections show trend of inadequate maintenance

Commercial trucks can pose a serious threat to those driving smaller passenger vehicles on the road. These massive vehicles take longer to stop, make wide turns and have huge blind spots. All of those factors increase the risk of a serious or even deadly collision with other vehicles. Even if other drivers do their best to share the road safely, it only takes a second for a commercial vehicle to become a danger to others.

What will happen if Congress kills class actions?

Class action lawsuits arise from incidents that cause injuries to many people -- for example, the people that purchase a certain product. If that product's production is below reasonable standards and malfunctions, causing injuries or other damages, the people that purchased the product or those injured by the product can band together and file a class action lawsuit.

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