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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Google DeepMind to diagnose eye disease with AI

With DeepMind under its umbrella, Google is planning to teach artificial intelligence how to identify ocular disease. It teamed up with an eye hospital in the United Kingdom to use 1.6 million anonymized eye scans of London patients for the computer training. New York patients with eye problems may be happy to learn that its goal is for a computer program to learn how to pinpoint the signs of age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, which are two of the most common kinds of eye disease.

Positioning during breast MRI may misrepresent tumors

Breast cancer affects countless women in New York. Some surgeons recommend that their patients have a breast MRI prior to scheduling their lumpectomy. The MRI allows the surgeon to plan the procedure in advance and to determine whether there are any other tumors in either breast.

The failure to diagnose dehydration in elders

Research on dehydration among elderly populations may give pause to Queens County physicians and caregivers who work with senior populations. The British study looked at a common method of diagnosis, urinalysis, to determine whether this provided an accurate view of a person's status. Researchers found that many common cues for dehydration, including urinalysis and clinical observation, may be misleading and result in a misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose.

Diabetes often goes undetected prior to hospital admission

Diabetes is a common disease among residents of New York and across the country. Calculations from the American Diabetes Association indicated that 20 percent of health care dollars go toward treating this single disease. Despite its prevalence, many people might not obtain a diagnosis until they enter a hospital as an inpatient.

Entrepreneur's test identifies father's cancer

Although New York men may be encouraged to go through screenings for prostate cancer as they reach ages at which this disease is a serious risk, PSA testing can miss some cases. Unfortunately, false negative results could allow the condition to go undiagnosed. In cases of aggressive forms of the cancer, the consequences of a missed diagnosis could be deadly.

Artificial intelligence may predict heart disease

The American Heart Association reports that approximately 6 million Americans have heart failure each year, but some researchers may have developed a method for early detection of the condition. With the research showing that artificial intelligence may diagnose heart disease up to nine months earlier than a physician is able to do so, people in New York and throughout the country might soon have their lives saved by computers.

More accurate tuberculosis test has been developed

New York residents who have been diagnosed with tuberculosis may be interested to learn that a blood test that was developed at the Stanford University School of Medicine was found to be more accurate than the traditional skin prick test. The skin prick and associated blood test cannot distinguish between active tuberculosis and those who have had the vaccination.

Anxiety could mask heart disease symptoms in some women

New York women may be interested to learn that females who suffer from an anxiety disorder may have reduced blood flow to the heart during exercise, according to a study. This could cause doctors to miss the signs of heart disease in some female patients.

Faster method for Lyme disease detection has been developed

New York residents may have heard that a test that is capable of testing for Lyme disease faster than traditional methods has been developed. Conventional tests often miss the early stages of the disease as there is often no presence of the pathogenic bacteria in the person's blood stream, leading to a potential misdiagnosis.

New study offers insight for New York patients

A study published on Jan. 21 suggests that patients with colon cancer may need more than surgery if they are CDX2-negative. It is not common for those with stage 2 colon cancer to get chemotherapy because the risks generally outweigh the benefits. However, for at least 5 to 10 percent of the population, the tumors may return if they are treated with just surgery alone, according to the lead author of the study.

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