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Spinal Cord Injuries Archives

Spinal cord injuries may soon be treated with stem cells

People in New York who suffer from injuries to their spinal cord can have a range of different physical and neurological problems caused by inflammation and cell death in the spinal cord. Every year, around 230,000 people in the United States sustain an acute spinal cord injury that permanently alters their life.

Study reveals misconception in spinal injury theory

New York victims of serious spinal cord injuries may be interested to hear about a potentially game-changing study published in April 2016. Researchers believe they have proven that the scars associated with spinal cord injuries could actually promote nerve growth. For the more than 12,000 U.S. residents who sustain such injuries each year, these conclusions may result in improved treatments.

Spastic conditions and research

Spinal cord trauma is one of the most devastating injuries that can be encountered, and many New York residents suffer from the debilitating and long-term effects of such an injury. Research into the mechanism underlying spinal trauma and associated motor conditions have made major strides forward, and it is now believed that the trauma-related chemical feedback loop that causes spasticity has been isolated and identified.

Levels of spinal cord injury determine symptoms

An individual involved in a serious accident in New York might wonder about the implications if the spinal cord has been injured. A complete injury can be especially serious due to the irreparable nature of the situation. An incomplete injury may result in some permanent damage, but there may be an opportunity for improvement. The level at which an injury occurs determines the severity of the impact on one's activities of daily living.

New prosthesis could help those with spinal cord injuries

New York readers may be interested to learn about a new technology that enables people to more accurately control a prosthesis with their thoughts. The advancement, which was developed by a team of engineers at Stanford University, could allow people with spinal cord injuries or neurological diseases to regain some of their independence.

Spinal cord injuries from car accidents

People who are involved in motor vehicle collisions in New York may sustain spinal cord injuries from the trauma. Although the vast majority of spinal cord injuries are caused by traumas such as auto accidents or abrupt impacts from other causes, these injuries can also be the result of degeneration from diseases like cancer.

New York lawmakers debate funding for spinal cord injury research

In 1998, a law took effect in New York which devoted up to $8.5 million every year to the state's Spinal Cord Injury Research Program, which finances grants for research into the treatment of paralysis and other serious back and neck injuries. But in 2010, amidst a massive state budget deficit, those funds were cut.

Falls are new leading cause of spinal cord injuries in U.S.

For many years, car accidents have been the primary cause of spinal cord injuries among adults of all ages in New York and throughout the United States. According to a new study, however, that is no longer the case. Now, slip and fall accidents are responsible for the largest percentage of spinal cord injuries in the U.S., with elderly people experiencing the most significant increase in these injuries.

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