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Surgical Errors Archives

Disturbing medical malpractice cases

Most New Yorkers depend on doctors and other healthcare professionals to treat their injuries and illnesses. While many people implicitly trust their doctors, medical professionals unfortunately often make mistakes that can lead to serious injury or even death. Some of the most disturbing medical malpractice cases demonstrate the types of serious problems that can happen.

New York surgical patients and orthopedic training methods

A recent study at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine investigated the most effective methods of assessing the operating skills of orthopedic surgeons in training. Researchers found that assessing students according to their mistakes as well as their adherence to operational checklists was more effective than using checklists alone.

Anesthesia risks and prevention

The idea of being placed under general anesthesia is frightening to many New Yorkers who have upcoming scheduled surgeries. While anesthesia errors are relatively uncommon, they can be deadly when they do occur. There are several things people can do to lessen the risks involved with anesthesia when they are preparing for a procedure.

Brain damage possible with plastic surgery

Individuals might seek plastic surgery services from New York professionals for various reasons, but it is important to understand the serious nature of any surgical procedure. Surgeries involving general anesthesia require careful monitoring of a patient's vital signs, and errors can have life-altering consequences. In some cases, inadequate oxygen can cause brain damage, and in other cases, anesthesia problems during surgery can lead to death.

Robotic surgery raises new malpractice questions

Surgery patients in New York and around the country may soon have their procedures performed with minimal human intervention. Researchers at a District of Columbia children's hospital have demonstrated that robotic surgeons could perform delicate operations with even more efficacy in some cases than their human counterparts. Experts note that robots have already been used to help humans perform critical surgical tasks, but the researchers say this is a push towards having traditional doctors provide care in new ways.

Computer errors could cause problems for medical providers

Patients in New York and throughout the country could be vulnerable due to computer systems failing or being hacked. At one hospital, a patient's heart surgery was interrupted because the computer began doing a virus scan. Surgeons were unable to access data and had to reboot the system.

Woman has wrong rib removed, sues Yale and doctors

New Yorkers may be appalled after hearing that doctors at a hospital affiliated with Yale University allegedly removed the wrong body part from a woman during surgery, according to a recent lawsuit filed against the operating team and the hospital. Reportedly, after the wrong part removal happened, at least one doctor then attempted to cover up the error.

Concerns over child heart surgeries at some hospitals

A surgery involving a baby can be delicate, especially if the procedure involves the heart. A New York parent may want the best possible care in such a case, but in many instances, it can be difficult to find the records of available facilities in order to evaluate the success rates with cardiac surgeries for babies. An investigation by CNN into a Florida hospital with excessive fatalities after heart surgeries on babies has focused attention on the issue of quality programs.

Study provides insight into surgical errors

Patients who undergo surgery in New York area hospitals may soon be safer thanks to a comprehensive study performed by researchers at England's Oxford University. Efforts to reduce patient injuries and medical errors during surgical procedures have generally followed one of two strategies, but the Oxford team discovered that taking a combined approach was far more effective. The study, which is the largest ever in the field of surgical errors, was conducted over four years by a team from the university's Department of Surgical Sciences. The team published their findings in the medical journal Annals of Surgery.

Better interpersonal skills among surgeons promote patient safety

Surgeons in New York may now have a new resource for improving their professional conduct and patients outcomes. "Enhancing Surgical Performance: A Primer in Non-Technical Skills", styled as a handbook for surgeons, was written by researchers from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. They developed protocols for clinicians in operating rooms meant to enhance their non-technical skills, which include decision making, teamwork, communication and situational awareness.

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