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Are you an individual contractor or construction company facing insurance coverage disputes in New York? Chiariello & Chiariello have over 50 years of combined experience representing individuals and businesses alike, including companies dealing with insurance companies who wrongfully deny claims. Insurance matters are often complex and nuanced, so it is advisable to consult an attorney about your legal options. Chiariello & Chiariello aim to provide a more personalized client-attorney experience, treating all clients like family and providing the straight shooter, 24/7 assistance you need to feel confident about your legal situation.

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When Do Insurance Coverage Disputes Occur?

Quite simply, an insurance coverage dispute arises when you present a claim to your insurer under a policy that you have bought and paid for and the company denies the claim.

Situations When Claims Are Denied

It’s one thing to file a claim with an insurance company and another for them to accept that claim. An insurance company will thoroughly investigate the claim to confirm whether the policy covers the accident and to what capacity. Situations in which a claim may be denied by the insurance company could be:

  • the party seeking coverage did not file their insurance claim in time;
  • the insurance policy does not cover the type of loss in question;
  • the injury or property costs are over-exaggerated in the claim;
  • the accident did not actually occur.

Note that the above situations may occur between the party seeking insurance and the insurance company (e.g., in the case of property damage from a natural disaster) or between an injured party, the party seeking insurance, and the insurance company (e.g., an injured person has sued a company for an accident that the insurance company finds did not actually occur or was exaggerated).

What Chiariello & Chiariello Will Do for You

We will thoroughly review your policy to confirm whether it provides for the coverage you are seeking and we will make sure the insurance company is acting in accordance with the policy language. An insurer can be sued if:

  • They are not abiding by the terms of the policy
  • They are denying a claim that should be covered under the policy
  • They are denying a claim based upon an ambiguous term in the policy
  • They failed to deny the claim in a timely fashion

If an insurance company is wrongfully denying your claim, you have the right to sue. Chiariello & Chiariello can help you resolve your insurance dispute in any of the above situations by taking swift legal action. Insurance companies may try to take advantage of their clients by undervaluing their claims, which in turn puts the insured company in a less than favorable position. You pay into an insurance policy that you expect to cover you, and Chiariello & Chiariello will help you assert your rights under your insurance policy and take legal action on your behalf against an insurance company acting in bad faith or otherwise denying your claim for unclear reasons.

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    Our attorneys pursue maximum compensation for our clients while providing them with highly personalized attention throughout the entire process.
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    - Liz, Former Client
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    - Jackie, Former Client
  • “I went to them when I was turned away from a big firm who didn’t want to help me. This firm won my case and got me a settlement that surpassed my expectations!”

    - Peter, Former Client

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