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Recover compensation after accident

Everyone deserves to earn their living in a safe working environment, whether their workspace is an office or a construction site. It is an employer's duty to ensure this, by either removing potential safety hazards or training employees on how to deal with safety hazards. When this duty is breached and an employee is injured in a construction accident that results in catastrophic injuries, they find themselves struggling to make ends meet and cover their medical expenses at the time when finances are often the tightest.

Working around potential defenses to Labor Law 240

There are many dangerous activities in New York, but these can usually be carried out safely when using the proper equipment. People go skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, and engage in other potentially dangerous recreational activities. These types of activities are optional, but there are many construction workers who face many hazard simply doing their jobs on a daily basis. However, just like those who engage dangerous activities for fun, construction workers can oftentimes perform their job duties in a safe fashion when using the proper equipment.

Statistics demonstrate that many construction accidents occur

Construction is a constant activity in New York. These projects often require many construction workers. These workers, just like anyone else with a job, rely on their employment to make their living and support themselves and their families. So, it is important that they stay healthy and are able to come to work each day to earn their money.

One man dies and another is injured in construction accident

There are many skyscrapers throughout New York. Some of these buildings have been there for a long period of time, but new buildings are being built and old buildings are being repaired constantly. Constructing a building of that size is not an easy task, as many people need to perform various tasks to finish the project. There are also many pieces of equipment that are also used in these projects. The combination of these things and the high heights at which the work is performed means that all safety regulations must be followed to avoid construction accidents.

Who can be held liable under Labor Law 240?

People who enter construction work in New York understand that there are certain dangers inherent in the type of work that they do. In many types of construction, there is exposure to heavy machinery, power tools, and toxic fumes, and people oftentimes must work at high heights. Other potentially dangerous conditions can exist, too. When carried out correctly, the job is generally safe, but this does not always happen. This can lead to construction accidents.

Scaffolding collapses and seriously injures worker

The streets of New York can be very crowded during the day. In addition to the normal foot traffic, there is often construction work going on causing sidewalks to be either narrowed or closed. There are also many situations when scaffolding is placed over a sidewalk forcing pedestrians to walk underneath it while work is going on above them. For this reason, it is important that scaffolding is constructed correctly to keep both workers and pedestrians safe.

Most common OSHA violations at construction sites

There are many dangers at construction sites in New York. These dangers can lead to serious construction accidents and leave workers with serious injuries. However, most of these accidents can be prevented if the companies who employ workers ensure that there is safety equipment at the construction sites and that workers follow the safety regulations. To help ensure that there are proper safety measures in place, the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) establishes and enforces these safety regulations.

Construction worker hospitalized after struck by beam

Many people in New York participate in activities that can be very dangerous if things go wrong. However, many of these activities are also generally safe when people have the proper safety equipment and do not take unnecessary risks. This is true for construction workers as well. For the most part, when construction workers properly operate equipment and use the proper safety equipment, they are safe. However, when safety procedures are not followed or equipment malfunctions can occur. Far too often these accidents leave workers with serious injuries.

What do workers' compensation benefits cover?

No one in New York likes being hurt or getting sick. Any type of injury or illness can affect a person's ability to do simple daily tasks that they are used to doing. However, some injuries and illnesses are much worse than others. Some of them can have major effects on one's life, forcing them to undergo long-term medical treatment. Medical conditions affect people's ability to work, as well. The extent of a medical condition's impact can be affected by the type of work an individual does, too.

Who is protected by Labor Law 240 in New York?

There are many dangers at New York construction sites. For this reason, it is important that the safety regulations and procedures are followed by workers. It is also important that contractors and owners of the buildings provide the proper safety equipment for the workers to use. When individuals fail to adhere to implemented safety regulations, construction accidents can occur, leaving workers with catastrophic injuries as a result.

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