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Laryngeal nerve trauma during birth

Children in New York may experience some degree of trauma during the process of birth. There is also a possibility that conditions in the womb may have caused damage to the nascent child. Birth trauma is expressed in many forms, but one common symptom of natural birth trauma and medical errors during delivery can be injury to the laryngeal nerve.

Assisted delivery may be risky

As many New York parents may know, there are times when assistance is needed during childbirth. Instruments, such as a vacuum extractor, are commonly used to help the baby move through the birth canal when a mother needs help during delivery. The vacuum extractor uses suction applied to the top of the baby's head through the use of a small plastic cup.

What is Erb's Palsy?

Approximately one or two of every thousand babies born in New York and around the country will have a condition known as Erb's palsy. This is a serious form of brachial plexus palsy that could affect the shoulder and the arm of the child for life. It may be overcome with active therapy, but treatment will not be effective for all affected children.

Do water births create a greater risk of birth injuries?

In recent years, water births have grown more popular in New York and throughout the country, with proponents arguing that giving birth in a tub of warm water can ease labor pain, speed up delivery and make the birthing process easier for both mother and baby. Of course, there are many who do not support water births as a safe and healthy birthing option. That group now includes U.S. obstetricians and pediatricians who, in a statement, said that the safety of water births has not been sufficiently proven.

Cool way to avoid birth injuries available in New York

Birth asphyxia is a serious birth injury that endangers the lives of many newborns around the world. Fortunately for New Yorkers, a new treatment that cools newborn babies is reducing the risks of brain damage for children who are born unresponsive and lethargic. If untreated, this birth asphyxia can result in brain damage or death.

Birth injury case results in $7.5-million settlement

Recently settled medical malpractice lawsuit should help a mother with an infant born with brain trauma start her life with enough money to make life better for her and her son.

Bigger babies should not be an excuse for birth injuries

Many people in Queens, New York are fond of big babies. However, bigger is not always better. A global trend involving overweight babies is becoming a cause for concern as the health of both the infant and the mother can be compromised. A newborn can face the possibility of birth injuries from doctors who do not know how to handle them properly because of their size.

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