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Certain engines in trucks recalled due to fuel pump issues

There are thousands of variables that can contribute to a serious car accident. Sometimes, there's inclement weather that makes driving more difficult. Other times, issues with infrastructure, like stop lights, can lead to traffic collisions. One driver choosing to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, exhausted or distracted could also contribute. A somewhat common but often overlooked contributing cause to crashes is mechanical failure.

Did a lawyer approach you at the hospital?

When you are in the hospital after an accident, either for your own injury or for a loved one, it is an emotional and vulnerable time. Your mind is overrun with questions. What do I do next? Who will pay the bills? What will happen if I can't return to work?

Pedestrian accident facts

Every year, thousands of pedestrians are injured and killed while walking along New York streets. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, traffic accidents in the United States resulted in 4,743 pedestrian deaths in 2012. There were also approximately 76,000 pedestrians injured in traffic accidents during that same year.

New York cabbie pins woman between two taxis

A woman in New York City was severely injured after an early-morning accident left her pinned between the cab into which she was loading groceries and a cab that struck her. The accident, which occurred near Times Square, sent the woman to the hospital for surgery and raised a number of questions about the underlying causes of the accident.

Vehicle-pedestrian accident in New York kills woman

A vehicle-pedestrian accident killed a 36-year-old mother of three from Hebron and seriously injured a 40-year-old woman on Dec. 1. The pair was taking a walk along Route 197 in Argyle when a Buick sedan heading southbound struck them from behind. According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, the pedestrians were walking along the shoulder of the road facing oncoming traffic in the northbound lane. The sedan was heading southbound, and the 58-year-old driver from Salem swung out of the lane in an attempt to pass a vehicle when he struck the women.

Loose tires cause accidents, injuries, deaths

When you're traveling down the freeway at 70 miles per hour, even the smallest piece of debris can become life-threatening. So what happens when a tire comes loose from another vehicle and flies at your windshield? It's easy to see how that could cause serious injury or death.

Brooklyn nursing home neglect leads to wrongful death suit

The elderly should be treated with care, love and respect. Their children provide the effort and sometimes the finances to assure that their aged loved ones are given the best care at the twilight of their lives. Nursing homes, by and large, provide that much needed care, but a few do not.

Surgeon hit with several violations reopens center east of Queens

Nowadays, plastic surgery clinics are easy to find in or near Queens, New York. However, people who are willing to undergo this kind of surgery should be cautious and check the reputation of the center and its doctors before undergoing any procedure.

Manslaughter charges filed in case of nursing home neglect

The death of an elderly woman in a New York nursing home has resulted in manslaughter charges for a nurse's aide in a case of nursing home negligence. It is reported that the aide dropped the 86-year-old woman during a transfer into her bed from a wheelchair, causing the woman to fall to the floor. The patient suffered serious injuries, including fractures to her leg and spine, which allegedly caused her death.

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