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Why New York patients are entitled to full disclosure

If something goes wrong during a surgery, the patient is should be informed about the error and why it happened. A research study released by JAMA Surgery showed that patients do not always get the full apology that they are entitled to. Of the eight recommended procedures surgeons should follow after a surgical error, a survey of 60 surgeons revealed that only five are generally observed.

Those five include notifying the patient within 24 hours, expressing regret that it happened and showing concern for the well-being of the patient. Furthermore, surgeons typically explained either to the patient or his or her family why the error occurred and worked to treat any further complications. However, researchers from Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research, Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System said that only 55 percent of respondents said that they offered an apology.

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Disturbing medical malpractice cases

Most New Yorkers depend on doctors and other healthcare professionals to treat their injuries and illnesses. While many people implicitly trust their doctors, medical professionals unfortunately often make mistakes that can lead to serious injury or even death. Some of the most disturbing medical malpractice cases demonstrate the types of serious problems that can happen.

In one case, a New York couple used the services of a fertility clinic in order to help the woman get pregnant. The clinic impregnated the woman and she did give birth. However, the clinic had used the wrong man's sperm, and the infant was of a different race than the parents.

Pedestrian interstate highway accidents

New York cities are filled with pedestrians every day. People are always at risk of accidents while walking near traffic. If a pedestrian accident takes place on an interstate highway, the question of legal liability can become complex.

Pedestrian fatalities on interstate highways account for more than 10 percent of all pedestrian fatalities. People may be on or near highways when they have been involved in an automobile accident or are assisting one, because they are crossing the highway, or because they are working on a vehicle that has broken down. Sometimes accidents happen because a driver fails to see a pedestrian. Pedestrians are sometimes considered at fault for an accident involving a car, even if the pedestrian is injured.

Google DeepMind to diagnose eye disease with AI

With DeepMind under its umbrella, Google is planning to teach artificial intelligence how to identify ocular disease. It teamed up with an eye hospital in the United Kingdom to use 1.6 million anonymized eye scans of London patients for the computer training. New York patients with eye problems may be happy to learn that its goal is for a computer program to learn how to pinpoint the signs of age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, which are two of the most common kinds of eye disease.

More than 100 million people around the world suffer from macular degeneration from aging and diabetic retinopathy. Additionally, diabetes is the primary cause of blindness among working age individuals, and being diagnosed and receiving treatment early prevents severe visual loss in 98 percent of cases.

Deadlines you need to know after a construction accident in New York

Construction related injuries are a big problem in New York, and hit an especially big spike in 2015 when the number of accidents jumped from 231 in 2014 to 433 a year later. In 2015, The New York City Department of Buildings records showed a total of 471 hard hats and pedestrians hurt, a figure nearly doubled from a year before.

If you are injured or if a loved one is killed due to one of the many construction accidents that happen in New York, you might consider filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Recovering from these types of injuries can be difficult and expensive, but still many people hold off on filing a claim for one reason or another. If their construction accident happened at work, they may have thought that filing a workers' compensation claim with the insurance company should be sufficient, only to discover that the amount they receive from such a claim barely scratches the surface.

New York surgical patients and orthopedic training methods

A recent study at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine investigated the most effective methods of assessing the operating skills of orthopedic surgeons in training. Researchers found that assessing students according to their mistakes as well as their adherence to operational checklists was more effective than using checklists alone.

Checklists of procedural steps are a good way to measure the technical skills of surgical residents. However, one Johns Hopkins professor claims that they are not adequate when used alone. Instead, the professor recommends the joint use of operational checklists and a pass-fail system used to assess the mistakes residents make when performing procedures. The study involved residents who used cadavers to test skills in a safe environment.

Self-driving cars introduce moral dilemma

New York drivers may face a moral dilemma when driverless cars are finally available on the market although by then, regulation may have addressed the problem. On June 23, a study was published that asked 1,928 respondents about various hypothetical situations that might arise with self-driving cars. One was two people riding in a driverless car with obstacles on either side and pedestrians in the path ahead. The survey asked whether the car should hit a wall, injuring or killing the passengers, or save the passengers and hit the pedestrians instead.

The survey found that 76 percent of respondents believed that the moral choice was to take the choice that would save the largest number of people. However, among the same group of responders, 81 percent said that they would prefer to purchase a vehicle that would protect them and their family no matter what.

Positioning during breast MRI may misrepresent tumors

Breast cancer affects countless women in New York. Some surgeons recommend that their patients have a breast MRI prior to scheduling their lumpectomy. The MRI allows the surgeon to plan the procedure in advance and to determine whether there are any other tumors in either breast.

This knowledge can be invaluable. When a surgeon knows exactly where and what size all of the tumors are before surgery commences, the procedure tends to be less invasive. However, a study has revealed that the position a woman is in during her MRI can change the appearance of the tumor. Most of these MRIs are performed with the patient lying on her stomach because breasts fall at different angles when a woman is lying on her back. If women complete the MRIs on their stomach, then their breasts will remain in the same position, which should lead to consistency.

Anesthesia risks and prevention

The idea of being placed under general anesthesia is frightening to many New Yorkers who have upcoming scheduled surgeries. While anesthesia errors are relatively uncommon, they can be deadly when they do occur. There are several things people can do to lessen the risks involved with anesthesia when they are preparing for a procedure.

Not all surgical procedures require general anesthesia. Sometimes, people can opt for a local anesthetic or a spinal block, so people might want to ask whether they have some alternatives they could choose. If it is possible to meet with the anesthesiologist, it can be a good way to learn more about what will happen and what the options are. People should ask questions about how their health statuses and age may affect their reaction to general anesthesia.

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